John and Sue Laithwaite

Alan has cooked some of the best food I have ever eaten . March 2015 Alan arrived at our apartment in Cape Town about noon then worked incredibly hard all day and produced a memorable meal starting with some beautiful crayfish so soft and succulent then a fantastic rack of lamb with dauphinois potatoes followed  by the greatest Tarte Tatin I have ever eaten. Cheese followed not great but we were in South Africa . I asked Alan if he fancied working on a yacht , 2 months later he was in Malta chef on board Incontatto. His food was technically brilliant but a little too Michelin star for our guests , 2 conversations later Alan adapted his style and for many weeks during the season cooked the best food we have ever had . Amuse Bouche , soups , appetizers fish meat and out of this world desserts . Do not rush him do not be impatient . If the food is 10 minutes late have no fear it will be worth waiting for .