I was fortunate to have Allan’s culinary expertise as part of a large group for the best part of 2 weeks. This was no doubt some of the best food I’ve ever eaten and his meals left the entire table speechless on several occasions. I was constantly amazed by the multitude of tastes and elements that accompanied each dish. There were too many highlights but a few of my favourites were his incredible pork belly, delicious peri peri chicken, asian slaw, chocolate souffle and lemon meringue. To complement his expertise in the kitchen, Allan’s friendly demeanor made him a pleasure to have in our house. He shared some great stories and was always enthusiastic to give a masterclass in his techniques as he was preparing our meals. I look forward to tasting his food again next time I’m in Cape Town.


We recently visited Cape Town for a family reunion and organised for Allan to take care of our catering each night. He was with us for 6 nights and produced some of the best food i have eaten. We had 3 course meals each night that were so enjoyable, they have left us talking about them to this day!!! Having Allan took all the stress out of organising, shopping and cooking meals and he was a pleasure to have around, we even invited him to join us for our last meal. I would highly recommend him (and his milk tart) to anyone in need of a top quality chef!!!


Alan has cooked some of the best food I have ever eaten . March 2015 Alan arrived at our apartment in Cape Town about noon then worked incredibly hard all day and produced a memorable meal starting with some beautiful crayfish so soft and succulent then a fantastic rack of lamb with dauphinois potatoes followed  by the greatest Tarte Tatin I have ever eaten. Cheese followed not great but we were in South Africa . I asked Alan if he fancied working on a yacht , 2 months later he was in Malta chef on board Incontatto. His food was technically brilliant but a little too Michelin star for our guests , 2 conversations later Alan adapted his style and for many weeks during the season cooked the best food we have ever had . Amuse Bouche , soups , appetizers fish meat and out of this world desserts . Do not rush him do not be impatient . If the food is 10 minutes late have no fear it will be worth waiting for .

John and Sue Laithwaite